Woody Poulard aka Grnch is a musician and visual artist living and working in New York City. He specializes in audio-reactive visual installations and performances, complimented by lifelong instrumental prowess, including saxophone and percussion.

Grinch also runs his own independent electronic music label named Grinch Productions, which concentrates on deep, dark, cinematic, and suspenseful Techno, Broken beat, and Dubstep. Visually, he creates an atmosphere that begins very abstract and spacey but evolves into a futuristic and hypnotizing scenery.

In the summer of 2014, after taking a 3 day projection mapping workshop in Brooklyn with projection mapping guru CHiKA, he performed his first live audio-visual projection mapping performance within the same borough in the fall. Since then he has recently traveled as far as Belgrade, Serbia to perform with two of the artist signed to his record label.

Grinch is currently working with the band Syvia to add an evolving projection mapping element to their live show. In addition he is working on his next solo audio-visual performance which will include another form of TRI, his most recent installation.

His inspiration is taken from visual works by Clayton Welham, Sam Williams, Monolake, Ryoji Ikeda, and Alex Rutterford. Grinch currently resides in the hip Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn.